How to spend money is a mirror that reflects your way of life

Among the topics related to money, it is the keywords such as "saving" and "saving" that always attract many people.
It is not uncommon to not only save money, but also to buy things that seem to last long or that offer a great value, with an emphasis on "saving and accumulating".

But do you realize that money is not the only use for "buying things"?

If you reconsider the role of money, you can find not only material richness, but also a “nice significance” that fills your heart with time.

Therefore, this time, we propose "how to spend money that enriches your life".

The “what” and “how much” the money is spent is nothing but a reflection of one's “life” and “value”. That's why the value of money will increase if you use it in a good way.

And mysteriously, as time goes by, rather than the moment when I use it, I feel more satisfied that I made a good purchase and spent money on a wonderful thing.

Indeed, how you spend money is a mirror that reflects your way of life. Now let's face the way of spending money that is more satisfying and unique.

* How to use money to deepen your "life experience"
1. Handmade, lesson fee, delicious food etc.. For "experience"

I bought some popular clothes, but they are still in the closet with tags. And when I notice it, I want the next one...

In that way, if you think about it later on, you've done shopping with the question mark "Is it really good to buy?"

Of the many things, buying the one you like is the "shopping", and the act itself is fun.

It seems that human beings are most satisfied with the moment they get what they want, and their happiness follows a downward line after possession. Paradoxically, it can mean that your heart may not be satisfied when you are driven by the urge to "shop".

But what I want to cherish is how to use the money, which is not a greed but a "good choice" for me.

Don't get caught up in "living surrounded by your favorite things" but also "living to fill your heart with a fun experience"

We are approaching a calm age. If you live a life where you have everything you need, why not give yourself some courage and shift to "experience shopping" rather than "thing shopping"?

The euphoria gained from "shopping for goods" tends to follow a downward line, while the degree of satisfaction obtained from "experience" tends to increase over time.

Certainly, there are memories that the flowers bloom and the excitement revives, such as "That place was really nice" "I want to go to eat the food I ate there again".

Another point to note is that the human being you are made up of "experiences", not "things you bought." That stack becomes part of your "identity" and has a direct impact on your humanity.

Now that I'm an adult, I can experience "try to make things from scratch" such as handmade, cultivated, DIY, experience (learning) from professionals, taste delicious foods, travel, etc. Spend money on enriching yourself from the inside.

Now in Coronation, you can access a wide range of experiences depending on your motivation, such as online theater and yoga lessons.

* How to use money with an awareness of "social contribution"
2. As a support for a store that you want to cherish for a long time

A lot of things can be easily obtained at convenience stores, online stores, and stores nationwide. But why not consider it as "a means to support a store" and stick to "where to buy?"

For example, the contents of a book are the same no matter where you buy them, but rather than a quick and unsophisticated purchase with priority on convenience, try to buy from a bookstore that can sympathize with the concept, a bookstore that you want to continue for a long time.

Or, instead of buying bread or coffee at a shop that happens to be there, order at a bakery or roaster that is full of commitment that you would like to support the workers.

That too is a meaningful use of money.

Use your money to support the store. It means trying to spend money as if you were voting for an election, for a "shop that sympathizes with your thoughts" and a "shop that you want to cherish." It is also important to have such a perspective, because even when you buy an artist's work, there is a margin in the stores and galleries that handle it.

Not only the benefits that you can get, but also the shops, owners, workers, and wholesalers-what you can do indirectly, with the habit of thinking about "a mechanism of money circulation" I hope you can imagine.

3. Protect the goodness of the region through crowdfunding, hometown tax payments

He said he has actually done "crowd funding", in which individuals and companies raise funds from the people through the Internet to realize their efforts, and "hometown tax payment," which allows them to donate to their hometowns and local governments nationwide. I think there are many people.

With crowdfunding, we will work on "making the future interesting" and "protecting what you cherish".

For oldness and tax payment, go to "a place that you want to cherish" or "a place you want to visit someday".

Money arrives as an "ale" from you, which leads to great power to change society. That accumulation will eventually improve your future and what's important-in that sense, it's exciting to spend money to protect the good of the region.

In many cases, "reciprocal gifts" and "returns" are prepared, and it may be a big motivation to be attracted by them, but the fulfillment feeling that can be obtained is surely more than that. It may bring a wonderful gift to your future.